The Timeline of Work Accident Atika Nafitasari at PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia

I, the undersigned below:

Name : Atika Nafita Sari
Date of birth : Bekasi, Mei 10, 1994
Age : 23 years old
Nationality : Indonesia
Address : Jln. Bunga Raya Kp. Baru Rt 003/025 No 03 Kaliabang Tengah Bekasi Utara
ID Card Number : 32755035005940025
Employee Registration Number : 16011986

Regarding with the loss I experienced due to work accident at PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia which resulted in permanent disability of middle finger on my right hand, so I hereby submit the the timeline of the work accident as below:

1. That PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia is a foreign private company owned by Japanese employer engaged in the field of plastic for automotive needs. I started working at PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia on January 20, 2016, with the status as a contract worker (work agreement for a specified time) for a period of 1 (one) year and I was placed on the Assy Yazaki as the Assy Collar operator.

2. That in April 2016 I was transferred to the Extrusion section and was assigned to inspect (check) the product. I was given an additional work aside from inspection, I was also assigned to operate the press machine for the Ts-Tech product with the model type Trim Cord 04 L 65. Before running the press machine I was given a brief theoretical instruction and at that time there was no WI (walk inspection) which is the instruction for use affixed to the to the press machine that I use.

3. That on September 26, 2016, when I was working on the first shift at 18:00 Western Indonesia Time (during overtime) I experienced an ACCIDENT AT WORK, the half segment of my middle finger was cut off by the press machine I was using. At the scene, there was no one there, just me and my co-worker, Andri who was at that time also operating a press machine in front of my press machine. Andri immediately shouted to call Mr. Jakaria (Production Leader). Because at that time the clinic personnel had gone home (the clinic had operated until 17:00 pm) I was finally assisted to be taken to the company’s car, I was assisted by Mr. Jakaria, Mr. Nanang supriadi (PIC Production) and one other worker. And I was immediately taken to Fajar Medika clinic which is located in MM2100 Area. In the clinic, my middle finger was given treatment with betadine and bandaged. The doctor of Fajar Medika clinic required me to be taken to the hospital immediately. Then I was taken to Hermina Grand Wisata hospital which is located at Festival Boulevard street Block JA no. 1, Lembangsari, Tambun Selatan, Bekasi, West Java 17510.
4. That I arrived at the Hermina Grand Wisata hospital at 7:00 pm, the treatments I got were:
a. Entered the ER
b. Given Infusion
c. The bandage was opened
d. The wound was cleaned and the bandage was replaced
The hospital nurse also kept my middle finger piece in the freezer (cooling machine). When I asked why it was stored in the freezer, the nurse answered that It is done to keep the cell tissues not to die and the cultivation could be connected. Then, the doctor at the Hermina Grand Wisata hospital asked me about my parents or family as the person in charge. Since my parents were not in place, Mr. Diki Dzulkarnaen (Assistant Manager at PT Nanbu Plastics Indonesia) represented as the person in charge. The hospital asked me to show the participation of BPJS Employment (social insurance for employee) in order to be directly processed for the operation immediately but I did not have it. Yet at that time I had already worked for 9 months and in paycheck listed a deduction for BPJS Employment payment even from the start I worked at PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia. Then Mr. Diki Dzulkarnaen phoned the HRD (Mrs. Dewi Susilawati and Mr. Hasan Hasbullah) to ask about BPJS Employment card but the HRD admitted not to know as they had already gone home from work and the data of my BPJS employment number was in the office. Because of the company did not provide BPJS employment card number, the operation to reattach half segment of my middle finger that had cut off was delayed, then at 00:00 pm I just get a room at the Hermina Grand Wisata hospital.

5. That the next day on September 27, 2016 at 13:00 I was put into operation room and my middle finger just got handling operation. During the operation I was completely anesthetized around 16:00 I was just conscious. Then I was transferred to the inpatient room at Hermina Grand Wisata hospital.

6. That on 28 September 2016 the next morning, the hospital nurse said that my finger could not be attached again. I initially thought my finger was already reattached because I could not see my bandaged finger. Hearing the words of the nurse, I was shocked and I cried, wept for my fate who is now a disabled person.

7. That in one day of October 2016 when I went to the Hermina Grand Wisata hospital for a control I asked why my middle finger could not be reattached. The doctor’s answer was simply “How could it be reattached?” In addition, the doctor also said that my middle finger would not grow nail anymore.

8. That then it turns out that my cut middle finger was growing nail again while my wounds were not yet dry, so my middle finger was still swollen and often let out pus.

9. That in December 2017 I went back to check my middle finger problem that increasingly swollen and letting out pus at Rizki clinic in Gg. Simbang Kaliabang Tengah street, North Bekasi. The doctor at the clinic told me to do an amputation because of my abnormal nail growth and it would rot if not amputated.

10. That at that time until now I am questioning my employment contract (Work Agreement for a Specified Time/PKWT) and WORK ACCIDENT case between me and PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia which deviates from the Manpower Act. Accompanied by our union named, Serikat Buruh Bumi Manusia PT Nanbu Plastics Indonesia (SEBUMI PT NPI), I was disputing this issue which started from the first negotiation on January 10, 2018 and the second negotiation on January 10, 2018, January 17, 2018 until the third negotiation January 19, 2018.

11. That on January 16, 2018 I asked about my middle finger that was to be amputated to the company PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia. HRD manager, Seraphine Anne asked me to go to the hospital and used BPJS Employment. But the hospital refuse my BPJS Employment card by reason of the problem of the work accident is considered completed.

12. That on January 19, 2018 PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia terminated my employment appointment with the reason that the period of the PKWT was already ended without considering my now defective condition that makes me will have difficulty finding work elsewhere.

That was the timeline of my accident that I made in truth without any coercion from any side. Thank you.

Bekasi, January 2018
Kind regards

Atika Nafita Sari

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