The Whole Omnibus Bill Must be Cancelled

Delaying deliberations over labour issues in Omnibus Bill or Job Creation Bill is not really useful because the bill will be deliberated in the end, and then legalised. Our position is also rejecting the whole bill, not only the labour issues.

The workers have to show their sympathy for all oppressed people and join with them to fight together against omnibus bill. Limiting ourselves to only rejecting labour issues, while let deliberating other issues, is a selfishness and betrayal against people who fight against the whole bill.

Basically, Job Creation bill was created to expand capital investment more by facilitating ease of investment, increasing duration of land use permits to 90 years (worse than the Dutch Colonial era was only 40 years), abolishing enviromental permits and providing various incentives, including taxes, for investors. The government is not only offering investment permits simplified, but also (actually) selling land, water, natural resources along with Indonesian people to investors.

The corona pandemic has brought us to realise how fragile our economic foundation is. We can not provide our basic needs properly. The pandemic has exposed clearly the destruction of people’s food sources as a result of farmers exclusion and land grabbing for decades. It is so clear till Jokowi government have admitted the food crisis before our eyes, but again the government came with the wrong solution by creating rice fields, instead of empowering local people with local food sources.

FSEDAR stands with the working class and people  fighting against omnibus bill, and express our position of demanding the cancellation of deliberating the whole omnibus bill.


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