The Victim of Work Accident Laid off, Hundreds of Laborers Demonstrated at Toyota

Jakarta – Around 300 laborers who are members of the Democratic Labor Union (SEDAR – Serikat Buruh Demokratik Kerakyatan) marched to Toyota’s factory in Sunter, North Jakarta, Thursday (March 8, 2018). They demanded Toyota to take responsibility for the termination of employment (PHK) to the victim of work accident, Atika Nafitasari, that occurred in PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia (PT NPI) at MM2100, Cibitung, Bekasi Regency.

The reason is that PT. NPI is a tier 2 subcontractor company which supply the component to Toyota. In Toyota’s code of conduct, Toyota requires that its suppliers fulfill workers’ rights, human rights and do not discriminate.

In addition, the people also demanded the employment of Atika Nafitasari and 8 other contract laborers to become permanent worker according to the provisions of Law no. 13/2003 on Manpower, Ministerial Regulation No. 100/2004 on Provision of Work Agreement for a Specified Time (contract workers-ed).

“We came to Toyota because, in the concept of the supply chain where Toyota as the customer company, Toyota has to be responsible for what’s going on in its supplier company. Toyota Global has a code of conduct. That’s what we now demand” said Sarinah, spokesperson of SEDAR.

According to Sarinah, they will complain to Toyota Head Office in Japan if Toyota Indonesia is unable to solve this problem.

“We will ensure that Toyota Global and the owner of PT NPI, Nisshinbo in Japan know the problem,” she said.
The head of the Earth Human Workers Union PT. NPI (SEBUMI PT NPI), Faisal Al Rahmad, said Atika suffered a work accident on September 26, 2016, her finger was cut off by the press machine. The piece of her finger was stored in the cooling machine. At the time of the incident, Tika did not have the BPJS Employment (labour national social insurance/BPJSK) card eventhough she had been working there for eight months.

“We assessed that the slow operation which was delayed to 19 hours since the incident is due to the company’s negligence in providing BPJS Employment card. Because it was too late, consequently Tika’s fingers could not be reattached,” said Faisal.

He also revealed that the doctor claimed that Tika’s nails would not grow anymore and were declared cured. However, then her nail grew and curved inward without a section, it made her finger bled.

When she was taken to the Rizki clinic in Kaliabang area, North Bekasi in December 2017, the doctor declared that one segment of Tika’s middle finger of the right hand had to be amputated. SEBUMI complained this problem to the management of PT. NPI and requested that Tika to be employed as a permanent worker in the negotiation on January 10, 2018. PT. The NPI rejected the request and even chose to lay her off on January 19, 2018.

“The company said they only see the assessments. I only ask for my right, here. I only ask for justice, “said Tika who cried while giving a speech.

The Laborers also protested to the Regional Labor Inspection Division II in Karawang, West Java on February 13, 2018. In addition, laborers have also rallied in front of the BPJSK Office of Bekasi Regency on March 1, 2018. Meanwhile, PT. NPI is still not willing to meet the demands of laborers until this news is revealed. SEBUMI has demanded that PT. NPI and BPJSK should be responsible for Tika’s treatment, but they refused.

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