The mass meeting prepared a resistance

Hundreds of workers who joined with Federation of Popular Democratic Labour Union (F-SEDAR) held a mass meeting amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, on Sunday (June 28th, 2020) yesterday in Sisilia building, Telajung, Cikarang subdistrict, Bekasi, West Java.

The mass meeting were attended by members from almost all F-SEDAR’s bases which located in industrial zones of Cikarang, Bekasi district. They prepared resistance once again and raised workers’ awareness to fight back in facing labour problems today, especially Aice workers layoffs and Omnibus Bill legislative process.

In the consolidation, the workers also discussed about other many things, starting from the problem in plants, including contractual work, unilaterally layoffs and outsource workers conditions.

The problems are, as examples, PT. Keihin Indonesia workers case, PT. Trimitra workers case and union busting problems in workplaces were also discussed in the meeting which attended by around from 13 plant bases.

Furthermore, the workers also continue to be reminded to remain disciplined in organising and maintaining the solidarity among the workers who are always get oppressed by employers/bosses.

“You all, our fellow workers, have the right to join with other labour unions, you all have the right to criticise our F-SEDAR colleagues. Comrades’ obligation in our organisation is keeping ourselves disciplined,” said Saiful Anam, the chairperson of F-SEDAR in the meeting.

The workers also continue to be taught to defend themselves to face the employers in fighting their rights. One of the conditions to do that is by learning how to make case reports, write chronology/timeline, self-organising, solve our cases in the court and continue to participate in our weekly political class.

“In every litigation process, why our fellow workers should be involved? (the answer is) our comrades should know the process (including in the court),” explained Danial Indrakusuma, the lecturer of political economy class of F-SEDAR.

Also with the non-litigation tactic, Danial continued, must be scientific and can conclude “win” if in the case desperately the bosses dismiss the workers (who fight for their rights).

“The other non-litigation tactic since the pandemic Covid-19, our weapon is campaigning in the social media with complaints (reports) and preparing ourselves to face mediation to fight in the industrial relations court,” he added.

In the meeting, the workers representatives from bases as one by one also delivered the problems that occur in their workplaces.

“To our comrades who are still fighting, keep it up. Give your solidarity to our comrades who still have issues, you can do it through the social media,” said a worker of PT Keihin, Ikbal.

In the near future, the workers will perform demonstrations to several government offices and companies who have disputes with the workers. The workers will follow the health protocol during the demonstrations, especially after the government determined a “new normal” situation and revoked a number of rules regarding crowd restrictions during the pandemic.***

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