The Haft Tappeh workers ‘voice is our voice!

Let’s make our voice loud, by
bringing our strength and power to the forefront!

The Corona virus epidemic, has forced all capitalist countries, including the Islamic Republic, to hide, their economic crisis under the pretext of Corona. Whilst the epidemic condition in Iran, which has claimed thousands of lives and millions are at risk of contracting Corona virus, the poverty and hunger have made the lives of millions miserable.

There were countless labor protests prior to the outbreak of Corona virus in Iran, including two social uprisings, by the poor and lowe class of society in December 2017, and November 2019, which much more deepened the society’s gap with the Islamic regime. With the spread of Corona virus, and keeping social distancing, and quarantining, the Islamic Republic tried to use it to cover up its disabilities and saved itself by not providing any basic health items and safety facilities in society.

The Islamic regime for its ruling survival, has imposed the labor wage at least five times below the poverty line, pressuring the political prisoners and intensifying the torture and harassment and ill-treatment of the women, students, teachers, and suppressing the social protestors, by whippings and fines for workers, and
attempting to execute the detainees of November 2019, which all are the obvious examples of the regimes’ efforts to maintain its grip on power. In this regard, at the international level, and in the eye of the global government, the regime has fallen into despair.

Because of the arrest of tens of thousands and massacre of hundreds in November 2019 public protest, once again, the people’s uprising has gone back under the ashes to be ignited in other time. The Corona epidemic created an inevitable pause in the continuation of the social protests, during which, the Islamic regime under the guise of Corona, tried to buy the opportunity, and use it to repair its shaky foundations. Unaware that the living conditions of the workers and the livelihood of the majority of society and the inevitable struggle around it even in the Corona conditions also will deprive the capitalists and the Islamic regime of their sleep.

The workers ‘protests and strikes of the coalminers in Kerman, municipal workers, per way railroad workers (construction line and railway workers), Aazarab workers, Hospital workers, and Hospital service employees (social workers), building construction workers, and now the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane workers ‘strike have reiterated once more, that the capitalism’s crisis and the inability of the Islamic regime in the context of the Corona virus conditions, has threatened the lives and existence of the working people.

The Strike of the Haft Tappeh workers which started on 15th June, in the effected Corona province of
Khuzestan, clearly articulated their demands. Their demands are related to the lives and existence of the
majority of the Iranian people, and it obligates us to join and support them.

The struggle against embezzlement and theft which is rooted within the Islamic regime, as well as struggle against capitalist privatization, and job cuts in the labor force, will violate the livelihood of the majority of society, and leads to the unemployment and the increase in the reserved unemployed army, thanks to the struggle of the Haft Tappeh, and Ahwaz’ Foulad (steel) workers, Hepco of Arak, Machinary of Tabriz, and Aazarab workers, and the miners’ struggles that have become the top social demands of the society today.

Our common demands are tied only to struggles of our million workers. Capitalism and the reactionary Islamic Republic are weak and incapable of confronting our huge power with any degree of repressive force at its disposal; it will not be able to defeat us. We have two uprising experiences of the poor and lower-classes’ people in December 2017, and November 2019, and thousands of protest movements, including the strikes of several weeks in 2017, by the workers of Haft Tappeh and Foulad (steel) of Ahwaz in the province of Khuzestan. Let’s use our experiences and liberate our society in favour of freedom and public welfare.

Our struggle has forced the regime to repeal the sentences of the imprisoned workers. Our struggle forced the embezzlers to respond and to be accountable.

The Haft Tappeh workers ‘voice is our voice!

Let’s make it loud by bringing our million- strong forces to the streets and to show by actions, that we are all Haft Tappehist!

July 2020

Solidarity Committees with Iranian Workers Movement-abroad


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