Solidarity with AICE workers in Indonesia from SI COBAS, Italy

SI Cobas of Italy, having learned about the situation of AICE workers – especially women – in Indonesia, expresses its most convinced support to their struggle for better wages and working condition, and for the protection of pregnant women in particular. We also want to express our indignation against the retaliatory dismissal of 600 workers by the company, and at the de facto support given by public authorities to the company’s interests against workers’ rights.

SI Cobas is a militant union organizing mostly immigrant workers coming from all corners of the world in the logistic sector as well as in many other industrial, service and agricultural sectors. Internationalism and the struggle against capitalism are in our DNA, and we wish to be able to join forces with other militant unions like Fsedar workers’ union in Indonesia, in the struggle for a better world, without exploitation and oppression.

The National Coordination of SI Cobas

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