Solidarity Message to TNT/FedEx Workers Strike

We, Federation of Popular Democratic Labour Union (FSEDAR), express our solidarity and empathy to the TNT/FedEx striking workers for defending their lives, jobs, wages and families. We strongly condemn the police and military institutions which committed planned and systematic violence against the workers that is very clearly aimed at paralysing the working class with fears.

We get angry and pain hearing our brothers and sisters are repressed by police and military forces from your detail statement and story. In this class struggle, we do not only fight against the bosses and their apparatus for violence, but also fight the fear they spread to us. We have no fear in our mind, although we have few, we always rise overcome. We have practiced for years to conquer our fears. And now, once again, your persistence have inspired us.

We have published SI Cobas’s statement on our website Police violence against TNT/FedEx striking workers near Milan and translated it to Bahasa Indonesia on Polisi Serang Pemogokan Buruh TNT/FedEx, to ensure your struggle, pain and anger are known by the Indonesian workers to strengthen internationalist character of  working class movement.

We are also delivering our apology for our late solidarity statement. We hope our injured fellow workers could recover soon. We always wait the updates from our comrades, SI Cobas.

In warm solidarity,

FSEDAR Council

Sarinah (Spokesperson), Saiful Anam (Chairperson)


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