Solidarity Message to AICE Workers from Opel/Vauxhall Workers in Bochum, Germany

Telefon:  +49 (162) 69.61.285

Bochum, 03/09/2020

To the workers of AICE

Dear comrades!

We have been informed about your strike and struggle against unhuman working conditions, when we took part on the 2nd Automotive workers´ conference in South Africa last month. In relation to International women´s day, especially your demand to protect pregnant workers needs support from all over the world!

We express our solidarity with you and your campaign and do declare, that any kind of governmental oppression against you and your union will not be accepted by us and our colleagues in Germany.

Steffen Reichelt

(member of workers´ council at Opel/Vauxhall source warehouse in Bochum, Germany)


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