Keihin Workers Should be Promoted as Permanent Employees!

Jakarta – Workers, who are members of Federasi Serikat Buruh Demokratik Kerakyatan (F-SEDAR) held a protest in front of Astra Honda Motor Ltd. (AHM), located at industrial district Pulo Gadung, North Jakarta, Sunday, July 17th 2020. The workers were taking turns standing at the podium, orated their solidarity, supporting Keihin Indonesia Ltd. workers’ promotion. Keihin Indonesia Ltd. itself located in Karawang.

This case originated when Keihin Indonesia Ltd.’s labour union, called as Serikat Revolusi Buruh (SERBU), filed a dispute statement to the company, over several problems that arise in the Fixed Term Employment Contract (PKWT).

“The bipartite negotiation request was unacknowledged and not responded, at all!” said one of the speakers.

Afterwards, the process continues to mediation phase, which results in written recommendation. One of the contents is for the company to hire the Fixed Term Employment Contract (PKWT) workers as permanent employees. Yet, the company filed a lawsuit with Industrial Relation Court (PHI) in Bandung. The workers lost and continue to legal cassation process.

Before the court process, The Manpower and Transmigration Office gave out a written recommendation based on two factors, which are timeline and function of the job. For example, Machining Injection 2R and Material Control/Warehouse are not the type of the job that can be done under a specific timeline. They also are not a one-time project or a temporary job. They also not a short time job with less than three years period or even a seasonal job. Furthermore, they are not a job that relates to new products, new activities, or additional products that still in the trial phase. Hence, they should not operate with Fixed Term Employment Contracts (PKWT) and need a permanent employment contracts.

For this job, the workers should also collaborate with permanent employees. Then if they work in the same section for the same project, so their status and contract should also be the same. Considering Honda ethical code that ratified human rights, which one of its core principles is non-discrimination, it is more than reasonable to fulfil the written recommendation.

Keihin Indonesia Ltd. was built since 2003 in Cikarang, Bekasi district. This Indonesian branch is part of Keihin Corporation, which built since 1956 in Japan. When it was built though, it was named Keihin Seiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Keihin Corporation committed to prohibit any form of discriminations and unfair labour practices.

“I will not discriminate against another based on birth, nationality, thought or creed, religion, gender, race, tribe, age, physical/mental disability, illness history, education, societal status, etc. I will respect individual’s rights and strive to protect individual privacy….I will not carry out child labor, forced labor or any other wrongful treatment or acts including harassment in the workplace.”

Another strong evidence came from a customer’s order document that was used as the evidence in the court by the Keihin company was the customer’s order for five years. Therefore, Keihin has gotten a customer’s order of more than three years, as of job by order excuse should not be acceptable.

In the case, the workers also could take a lesson on inseparable supply chains from one another. Although, working in different factories, the workers produce same goods. One product is formed by components which are produced from different factories.

There are 44 Keihin workers who are at risk of losing jobs because of the allegation of discrimination in their working status implementation.


Translated from: Buruh Keihin Harus Diangkat Jadi Karyawan Tetap!

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