FSEDAR Held a Large Meeting to Reject Omnibus Bill

FSEDAR held a large meeting attended by 700 workers to support AICE ice cream workers struggle and plan a joint action to reject the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation, Sunday (15 March 2020).

The meeting was also attended by AICE workers representatives, FSEDAR’s chairperson and trade-unionists to carry out a dialogue to decide the future action plans.

The AICE workers have been on strike since February 21st, 2020, because of failed negotiations on wage hike and indecent working conditions, especially for pregnant women workers. Since 2019, there have been 21 miscarriage cases against women workers. The employer considered the striking workers as resigned workers and rejected all of workers’ demands. The employer also tried to replace the workers with contractual and outsourced workers.

The Jokowi government prepared revision of the Manpower Act by proposing the Omnibus Law or the Job Creation Bill. The revision will end the law recognition on job security and legalise contractual and outsourcing work practices without limitation, reduce severance pay and lower maternity rights.

To support AICE workers and reject Omnibus Bill, the mass meeting recommended to:

  • Organise regular protest actions to the AICE headquarters and Car Free Day in Jakarta;
  • Campaign on hashtag #BoikotAice till workers’ demands are fulfilled;
  • Make reports on working conditions to the relevant government offices and human rights organisations;
  • Organise regular protest actions to the House of Representatives combined with the protest actions to the AICE headquarters;
  • Campaign on hashtags #FSEDARTolakOmnibusLaw and #TolakKeras OmnibusLaw.
FSEDAR’s protest action against Omnibus Bill 0n 27 February in front of the House of Representatives

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