A Pregnant Worker Laid off, Hundreds of Workers Marched to Toyota and Japanese Embassy

Jakarta – Hundreds of workers joined in Solidarity Committee for Nanbu Workers Struggle (KSPBN – Komite Solidaritas untuk Perjuangan Buruh Nanbu) again held a demonstration by marching to PT Toyota Manufacturing in Sunter North Jakarta and the Japanese embassy in Menteng Central Jakarta on Sunday (April 8, 2018). The matter was triggered due to the lay off (PHK) of a pregnant woman, a victim of work accident, and about 40 other workers.

The pregnant woman named Derris Dewantika. She is only 25 years old but Nanbu fired her. She is 6 months pregnant, but the company does not care about her condition and against the labour law. According to Article 153 of Act No. 13 Years 2003 concerning Manpower, the employer is prohibited to dismiss the pregnant workers.

The layoffs occurred in one of Toyota’s subcontractor companies, PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia (Nanbu) located in MM2100, Cibitung, Bekasi. The Employers were also suspected of union busting.

According to a labourer Nanbu, Mariam (not the real name), the layoff was started with the call of the four core managers to the meeting room. HRD manager Richard Sinanu then said the workers were laid off. The workers were escorted out by the factory security personnel and only given 15 minutes to pack.

This arbitrary action continued by forcibly taking the union office keys and retrieving important documents. The layoffs were then continued to the other workers, including a woman labourer who was currently pregnant.

This problem was started from the advocacy of the union named Serikat Buruh Bumi Manusia (SEBUMI Nanbu) for its members who had a work accident. A female labourer, Atika Nafitasari, suffered a work accident, Her right middle finger was cut off while she was running a press machine. SEBUMI PT NPI also demanded eight other contract labourers to be appointed as permanent employees according to the laws and regulations.

According SEBUMI Nanbu, this demand was still considered reasonable because the union only demanded nine workers to become permanent employees.

“We just demand that our members to be appointed in accordance with the mandate of the Trade Unions Act that states the union must defend the members, we only demand for nine people, whereas Nanbu has 300 contract labourers” said one of the demonstration orators.

Toyota was asked to be responsible to its code of ethics in fulfilling workers’ rights, complying with regulations in a country, fulfilling human rights and not discriminating.

The demonstraton continued to the Embassy (Embassy of Japan). The Labourers demanded the Japanese Embassy to ensure that the Japanese companies operating in Indonesia comply with the applicable law.

“All this time we are “colonised” by the Japanese capital expansionism in the automotive sector, but workers are even treated arbitrarily. A worker who had work accident was laid off, even a pregnant worker was also laid off. Japanese capital gained ease of investment since 1974. Toyota itself has been operating for 43 years in Indonesia. So they should obeyto the law in Indonesia,”said an orator of the demonstration.

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